1. H2R – Sustainable mobility and transport

The reference event for smart mobility that’s integrated with the city. A future for the sustainable city with the use of electric vehicles, sustainable public transport, car sharing and bike sharing together with the businesses of the sector and trade associations.

2. KEY SOLAR - Renewable energy and storage

Integrated use of renewable energy and storage in the city in domestic and industrial contexts, in the direction of sustainable mobility and of urban and building redevelopment. Energy saving and CO₂ solutions with a view to a more sustainable life in our cities.

3.Urban and building redevelopment

The future and quality of cities depends on the connection between centre and suburbs, redevelopment of roads, buildings, schools and healthcare facilities


From the point of view of infrastructure, all resources available must be “networked”. The use of information and communication technologies (mobile, IT networks, etc.) highlights the importance of connectivity as a factor in development, sustainable quality of life and integration of the whole supply chain.