Reference event for sustainable mobility and transport.

The new project intends to coordinate all the components of sustainable mobility already present in H2R, Città Sostenibile and in the Ecomondo / Key Energy platform.

The aim for 2017 will be the integration of the “car” sector within a wider context dedicated to sustainable mobility and a transition towards transport systems that are efficient from the perspective of energy and with zero emissions, within which to involve all players in the supply chain (from producers of vehicle, technologies and infrastructure, to passengers and goods, logistics), highlighting new models of consumption and lifestyles.

Exhibition categories

  • Bi-fuel cars
  • Hybrid cars
  • Bicycles
  • City logistics
  • Electrification and new energy carriers
  • Rapid transit systems
  • Car sharing
  • Local public transport
  • Low-impact transport
  • Connectivity and intermodal transport
  • Services